ABKDA AGHB Dennis M A Breitholtz

Vice president. Blev 85 år.

Far:ABKDA AGH C D Magnus Breitholtz (1888 - 1965)
Mor:Estella Nordqvist Breitholtz (1888 - 1949)

Bosatt:Cakato, MN, USA
Begravd:First Babtist Church Cemetery, Cokato, USA

Äktenskap med Myrtle F E Lindquist Breitholtz (1920 - 2007)


Diane Beverly Breitholtz Becker (1941 - )
Thomas Keith Breitholtz (1943 - )
Dennis Robert Breitholtz (1948 - )
Timothy Dean Breitholtz (1953 - )
Nancy R Brit Breitholtz Hammer (1958 - )


Fullständigt namn: Dennis Marvin August.

"Television History Made In Cokato" declared a headline of the May 13, 1948 Cokato Enterprise. Dennis Breitholtz, owner of Breitholtz Electric Company, located on South Broadway Avenue, brought the wonder of television to the community. Curtis Servin, a business partner of Breitholtz, erected a forty-five foot aerial antenna from street level to garner a signal.
The two men attached a General Electric (G.E.) brand receiver unit to the antenna. They were able to pull in the KSTP broadcasts of the Minneapolis Millers baseball team from Nicollet Park, an impressive feat with the station’s tower located sixty miles away in St. Paul. The screen on the t.v. was six by eight inches smaller than the size of this page of the newsletter.
Both men received a letter of congratulations from G.E.’s supply company in Minneapolis for their efforts.
[This article first appeared in the January 2005 (V. 25 No. 1) edition of In The Midst Of.
© 2005, Cokato Historical Society]